Holistic In Media & Accolades

Celebrities and VIPs


Holistic securities has provided exemplary security service to VIPs and celebrities and logistic bases during filming of Hollywood flims like Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts , Life of Pi which won four oscars awards , The reluctant fundamentatlist directed by Meera Nair and Bollywood films like PK starring Amir Khan.

Holistic Traffic Marshalls


Holistic traffic marshalls in close coordination with Gurgaon police successfully managed , controlled and streamlined the traffic of DLF Cyber city where the volume of vehicular traffic is the heaviest in the NCR. Holistic securities was rewarded for this commandable service by President NASSCOM , President Cyber city welfate society and gurgaon police.

Crisis Management at Maruti


Holistic securities played a key role in bringing tranqulity and stability to India's largest automobile manufacturese Maruti Suzuki India ltd in 2012 when its production and operations were adversely affected by labour unrest and voilence. A large number of Holistic PSOs were deployed at a very short notice to cause deterrence and bring order in all the factories of Maruti Udyog in Gurgaon. There has not been a single untroward incident since the deployment of Holistic PSO at maruti facilities.



● Facilitation by Commisioner of Police , Gurugram.


● Facilitation by Station Commander ,Delhi Cantt.


● Facilitation by NASSCOM.


● Facilitation by President Cyber City Welfare Society.