Guardian Services

Following types of guarding services are offered by us:

Office Guards

They provide surveillance and protection services for persons and property in an office environment. They have a three fold mission: reception, observation and control. Reception involves escorting and guidance of visitors, delivery of badges and managing telephone calls. Observation includes regulation of movement of staff and visitors and their vehicles. Control involves management of keys, badges and electronic security systems. To facilitate integration into the client’s environment, while keeping necessary distance essential for the security mission, office guards are chosen for their sociability, courtesy and presentation.

Industrial Guards

They provide surveillance of persons, equipment and goods in an industrial environment aimed at prevention of losses and maintenance of production flows. We ensure that the guards are physically robust, have a sense of responsibility and possess all round communication skills. Their typical assignments are physical access control, personnel checks, and management of visitors, reception and routing of goods, management of electronic alarms and CCTV and external & internal prevention rounds.

Executive Protection

VIP security services provide professional personal security to Captains of the Industry, diplomats and celebrities. A security assessment of the client, his/her family, home and work environment is conducted. The risks can vary from violation of privacy, unwanted media exposure to threat to life and property. Services provided include security drivers, personal bodyguard, escort teams (several bodyguards) and residential security teams for permanent/temporary residences, offices, venues, holiday resorts and high profile events. VIP personal bodyguards are trained in martial arts and use of firearms. They are young, motivated, disciplined & well groomed and can operate unobtrusively in any environment. We are proud to state that “Ms Julia Roberts” the renowned Hollywood actor has been one of our esteemed client. We earned laurels from print & electronics media on this important & challenging assignment.

Retail Security Services

Retail security aims to reduce losses incurred by shopkeepers and distributors as a result of theft in premises. The bouquet constitutes uniformed guards at the entry for deterrence and shop inspectors inside the shop in plain clothes. Electronic surveillance further strengthens the vigilance. This is a specialized activity and security personnel are selected for their social skills, strength of character and observance of strict, ethical rules and procedures.

Event Security Services

These services provide security to fairs, exhibitions, film shooting and entertainment events. The service includes security at the parking, access control at entry points, security in main premises and perimeter access checks.