Electronic Security Services

We provide electronic security solutions both standalone and integrated with manned security. These can be installed permanently or temporarily at office complexes, residences, residential areas/societies, manufacturing units, educational institutions, shopping malls and movie theatres. The planning, installation and after sales service is done by our technical team. Following services are provided:-

Intrusion Detection

It detects unauthorized intrusions and initiates alarm locally and/or at the security control room.

Fire Detection

Statistics have time and again show cased the immense and irreversible damage that fires cause to persons and property. Our fire detection system ensures early detection, raises alarm locally and at the control room so that swift remedial action can be initiated.


CCTVs have proved to be effective deterrence and apprehension evidence tools. We install camera surveillance systems ranging from single video door phones to multi-camera, multi-site systems having digital video recording facility, integrated with Access Control and Intrusion Detection Systems.

Access Control

Access Control System dealing with persons and vehicles is available. These systems can be integrated with barrier gates using both cards and active tags.

Environment Protection

We undertake the overall responsibilities of upkeepment and maintenance of complexes and resorts giving proper thrust to environment protection.